I am an intuitive artist.

I do not seek to fix the world or criticize governmental institutions through my work; rather learn from myself with every brush stroke and allow my mind to wander the state of sub-consciousness that I fall into during my creative process. My work does not speak about politics or demands you to recall the stresses of everyday living. The color palette I utilize varies from time to time because of an ever-changing mind that dictates it. Never one to follow recipes, I create my own mixture of mediums until I feel content.

My process includes a long stare at a blank canvas, a look around my studio for inspiration and finally a decisive moment of whether to grab a brush and paint or the keys to my car and leave.

The artwork I produce has been described as abstract-expressionist, but I have found that descriptive labels push me to stay within the limits of a movement and that counteracts with my muses. I humbly admit traveling the journey of experimentation and I continue the constant search for individualism within my body of work.

The materials I utilize to create my paintings are usually photographs, magazine cut-outs, acrylic paints, gesso, inks, pencils, dry and oil pastels, oils, enamels, colored markers and pens; applied to cotton rag paper or stretched canvas. A particular painting of mine could have all of these mediums or as little as one; it all depends on my vision at the moment and most importantly, my mood.

I believe that we are all artists in one way or another. It just so happens that some of us are cursed with a constant and overwhelming need for creativity while others find a way to ignore such urge. Talent is not necessarily what makes the artist; passion and perseverance does.